This Week Was Packed With Big News In Gaming

This week really was a jam packed week for gaming, so many awesome announcements. I've highlighted a few below.

First and foremost, Call of Duty Modern Warfare announcement. This is MASSIVE. A total re haul of the historic franchise. And the fact that we're getting Soap (The dude with the bucket hat and cigar) back is enough to have someone lose their mind, really looking forward to this one. It's set to be released October 25 of this year.

While most franchises become complacent, Mortal Kombat continues to push themselves. With the announcement of Shang Tsung coming to MK11 and a few other fun characters, they're truly upping the ante and showing why they are among the best of the best .

I'm a hardcore Ghostbusters fan so when I played the original game back in 2009 (phew it's been a minute) I fell in love, I've been hoping for this announcement for a long time. And I cannot wait to get my hands on it when it releases. It's slated for release sometime this year, my money is on mid November/Early December. We'll see!

BIG year for Pokemon, now they're focusing again on their games and it's going to be quite the sight to behold. I'm the most excited for Pokemon Sleep, the idea that I get rewarded with Pokemon for sleeping gets me all tingley because I tend to spend most of my day sleeping anyways.


"oH RaNdY ThIs TrAiLeR Is FrOm 2017" Yes, yes I know I'm aware but that's how long it's been since this Square Enix-Marvel collab was announced and in that time alone, there have been 2 movies, a few more movie announcements and some show cancellations. So they're long overdue to at least tell us something, and our prayers were finally answered a few days ago when via an E3 leak we learned some game play details on the upcoming Marvel Avengers game. I've included an in dept look in the video below.

And finally I left perhaps the most intriguing and the longest trailer for last. It's Hideo Kojima's latest trailer for his studios newest game, Death Stranding. Look nobody has any idea what to expect, all we know is Norman Reedus is in the game and he's got a new born baby strapped to him. That being said , the game looks beautiful and I love that I have no idea whats going on, it's been a while since I've encountered a game that is entirely fresh to me. Can't wait. Release is set for November 8.

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