The Edge Pet of The Week 8/3

ID# A1817720 – Jezebel is a 1 year-old, Tortie, Domestic Shorthair mix. She is the Westside shelter’s resident diva. Like most torties, she is sassy and bold. She loves people and would like to have them all to herself. Jezebel does not care much for the company of dogs or even her own kind, other cats. She would actually prefer a home all to herself so that she could soak up all the attention. If you are looking for a talkative and affectionate companion, but one who is also independent, visit Jezebel at the Westside shelter and sign up on our waitlist to meet her. 

ID# A1058406 – Hocus Pocus is a 12 year old, Black, Domestic Medium hair mix. Hocus Pocus is a very magical boy and will mystify you with his friendly personality. He keeps to himself, is a very mellow and quiet. Just the kind of cat, who is comfortable being in your presence but does not require lots of fuss. He enjoys being petted and just likes to hang out. If you are interested in meeting Hocus Pocus, he is at the Everyday Adoption Center, located inside Petsmart at 350 Eubank NE. Sign up on our virtual waitlist for a meeting.

Albuquerque Animal Welfare News:

Starting Saturday, August 1st, the Eastside Shelter will move over to the QR code sign up system that is currently being utilized atthe Everyday Adoption Center inside the Eubank Petsmart (350 Eubank Blvd NE) and the Westside shelter (11800 Sunset Gardens SW), adoption appointments will no longer be taken. To view and/or adopt pets, simply arrive at either of the open locations.The EAC opens at 10, West side and East side opens at 11. The last customer will be assisted no later than 4:15. A QR code at the door that will put you “in line” to enter the facility. When it is your turn, you will be contacted and advised to enter. You will have no more than 45 minutes in which to meet a maximum of three pets and process the adoption paperwork. All open locations are closed on Mondays.

AWD will continue with its mission to save animal lives and also comply with social distancing recommendations.

All adoptions will take place at AWD’s Eastside and Westside facilities and the Everyday Adoption Center, located inside of Petsmart at 350 Eubank NE.

Please see available pets. To sign up as foster home please

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