Pit of the Week: Kane

Today's Pit of the Week is Kane! Kane is often given the nickname "Tank" and we say that fits him well. At a staggering weight of 83 pounds, this guy is a powerhouse...of love. Yes, like all pit bulls, this guy simply wants to be a lap dog who gets lots of snuggle time. 

Kane also loves toys: he's rarely seen without them! We suggest if you have any stuffed animals at home, though, you keep them out of reach because Kane doesn't discriminate. 

Kane is currently located at our main campus on 615 Virginia St. SE. We also always encourage adopters to enroll in our 505 Pit Crew class so we can help you and your dog learn new tricks and advocate for the breed. 

You can find out about our classes as well as all of our adoptable pets online at animalhumanenm.org.

Pit of the Week- Kane

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