Feast Your Eyes Upon The Wonder Woman Burger

From  Food&Wine:
By Rebekah LowinPosted May 09, 2017

Yes, that’s right: A burger dressed up like Wonder Woman has arrived just in the nick of time. Datz, a “comfort food haven” in Tampa, Florida, has created what they're calling the "Amazon Warrior burger." When the movie hits theaters on June 2nd, the magnificent burger will also make its debut. 

The dish is essentially a deconstruction of the original, legendary Wonder Woman costume (and thus a feat of culinary genius). Picture a blue bun with cheese stars atop it. Next, two ground beef patties, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onions. Finally, there are two other bun layers—one red and one yellow. And the burger also comes in a vegetarian version, in which the two ground beef patties are swapped for black bean patties.

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