Green Day Get 'Personal' About Pain Caused By Addiction And Mental Illness

Photo: Emmie America

Green Day's gearing up to release their 14th album Saviors next month, and on Thursday (December 7), they gave fans another preview of what to expect with "Dilemma."

The latest single is "personal" and heavy, as Billie Joe Armstrong sings about the pain caused by addiction struggles and mental illness. Speaking to Kerrang!, the frontman admitted this “was one of those songs that was kind of easy to write because it was so personal to me. We’ve seen so many of our peers struggle with addiction and mental illness. This song is all about the pain that comes from those experiences.”

Armstrong also called "Dilemma" one of his “favorite” songs from Saviors. “I think it really cuts to the core of drug addiction, alcohol addiction and mental health," he said. "The first line is, ‘Welcome to my problems / It’s not an invitation.’ It almost sounds like Facebook within itself (laughs). It’s like, ‘Come feel sorry for me, come feel my pain.’ But, you know, I don’t have Facebook or Twitter, so I just do it in songs to where I think with melody it becomes more relatable, and people can interpret it in the different ways they want. It could be me just joking, but it could be dead f**king serious, too.”

"Dilemma" is the third single off the album, following "The American Dream Is Killing Me" and "Look Ma, No Brains!" Saviors is slated for a January 19 release, and the band plans to hit the road in support later next year. Watch the "Dilemma" video below.

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