That Time Dave Grohl Inspired Panic! at the Disco's Pre-Show Ritual

How did I not see this story earlier?

Apparently, Dave Grohl is so influential, he's the reason Panic! at the Disco drinks. Uh. Let the story clarify below via Loudwire:

"We played a festival one time, and I knew Foo Fighters were headlining. I’d just gone to the bus to grab something, and walked up to my dressing room and there’s a guy with long hair just sitting in my chair - just in our dressing room. And I was like ‘oh shit, I’m sorry...' then I saw it was Dave Grohl and was just like ‘uh yikes.'"

He adds, "I didn’t even know what to say, I was like ‘do you want a beer or something?’ I don’t know what to do and he was like, ‘No, sorry man, I’m using your room to finish this thing with our set list, and my band is like raging in our dressing room, so I can't really think in there.' And I was just like, ‘Oh yeah dude, that’s no worries.'"

Urie continues that Grohl later inspired the band to alter their pre-show ritual. "He invited us out on to stage, and the reason that we do a double shot before our show is because of Foo Fighters. Because they have a cart roll out, and they all make a double shot and they throw it back, and then go out onstage." Now each member of Panic! at the Disco throw back a double shot before taking the stage… thanks to Dave Grohl.

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