Alt Summer Camp Survival Guide

Ask any good camper and they'll tell you, it's important to know to adapt in order to survive. Luckily for you I've done the tedious work of figuring out some tips to help you make it to Summer Camp!

If you do the math you're paying about 6 bucks a band, which is a STEAL.

So let's break it down, what can you do to save that kind of money?

A lot of things, allow me to explain.


  • Taking a break from expensive food is okay. Avocado prices are going, doesn't mean your weekly costs have too also.
  • There are a lot of dollar menu options, eat a burger , go for a run after. It's a win-win
  • You can get paid to taste food too, which if that doesn't make you excited, I don't know what will.


  • I get not everybody can just up and change their method of transportation, gas is pricey but if you get there via walking. Just walk it, you'll save totes lots of money
  • Scooter everywhere. I scooter to the station a few days ago, 2.6 miles for like $4 . WHAT A STEAL.
  • Also if you got the time, do some ride sharing. You'll have enough for a ticket in like a day.


  • If you're not already sharing someones Netflix or hulu, you're already behind the pack. So start there.
  • There's also a ton of totally worth it free streaming services, Crackle etc.
  • Don't steal cable. It's not 1995 , don't go to jail for trying to steal your neighbors cable to see The Bachelor.

I now realize that this post may not have all the answers you are looking for but perhaps it can be the beginning of your journey to saving your monies and making it to Alt Summer Camp! Hope to see you there

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