In Case You Didn't Realize...Hayley Williams from Paramore Isn't Dead

Imagine just scrolling through the internet and seeing that 1) you're working on a new album and that 2) you are somehow doing it beyond the grave. It was a fun weekend for Hayley Williams from Paramore!

Via IHeartRadio:

TheParamorefrontwoman took toTwitteron Monday (May 27) to set the record straight after a memorial flier that featured her face, and the words "RIP Hayley Williams 1988-2019" began making it rounds on social media. "this week on The Internet Hurts™️: I’m *not* dead (I don’t think)," Hayley clarified on Twitter.

The 30-year-old singer also addressed a tweet that claimed Paramore was "making a new album," as she attached the speculative tweet and wrote, "@paramore are *not* in the studio right now making our 6th album (I’m sorry)."

Aw, such a treasure trove of wonder, the internet. Read more HERE!

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