There's Going to be a Florence and the Machine Comic Book!

Oh, do I love Florence and the Machine. If you do too, you'll be happy to know that a *successful* Kickstarter campaign will now be getting us COMIC BOOKS inspired by the band!

Via the Kickstarter page:

Soon to be released byRed Stylo Press,COSMIC LOVE is an eighty-page comic anthology first proposed by featured cover artist,Rachel Perciphone,and edited by award-winning author/editorJennie Wood(Flutter,A Boy Like Me.) 

“Florence + The Machine is one of my favorite bands and particularly inspiring to me. Their music is ethereal and otherworldly; I can’t help but be taken to new places in my imagination. I often listen to them while I work in my studio. Florence’s lyrics are full of imagery that allow for different visual interpretations and storytelling of emotional experiences.”Rachel Perciphone

COSMIC LOVE is a curated selection of original short form comics and illustrations in tribute to over a decade of music by the phenom performerFlorence WelchofFlorence + the Machine. Each team of creators was challenged to choose their favorite F+tM song and create an original comic story inspired by the music. Artist, Rachel Perciphone, then created a series of story cover/vignettes also inspired by the chosen song. The result is an ethereal collection of original stories celebrating love in all its glorious forms. 

Read more HERE!

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