Acrobat fell 100 ft to death before Green Day Show...

Story from TMZ.

An acrobat fell 100 feet to his death during a performance at a music fest in Spain. It happened right before Green Day went up on stage.  The crazy thing is, it was caught on video.

The Acrobats name is Pedro Aunion Monroy he was from Brighton, UK. He was part of a  performing arts company in Brighton called In Fact. He was 42. What went wrong?

According to TMZ

 "He was high above the stage in an illuminated cage during a tribute to Prince when something went terribly wrong and he fell out of it. The performance was in between sets of Alt-J and Green Day at the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, Spain.

Green Day is taking heat for playing their gig less than 30 minutes after the tragedy, but the band issued a statement saying they weren't informed of Monroy's accident until they walked off stage"

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