UNM Athletics, Dreamstyle Remodeling announce new naming rights agreement

 Today in a press conference, UNM has confirmed what was once known as "The Pit" then "Wise Pies Area"...now has a new name. A deal has been made with local business Dreamstyle Remodeling has signed an agreement with UNM. 

According to KOB.com

The Pit will now formally be known as Dreamstyle Arena, and University Stadium will now be known as Dreamstyle Stadium.  The agreement is subject to approval by the UNM Board of Regents.

The agreement will see Dreamstyle present UNM Athletics with a $1 million initial payment.  The remaining payments of $900,000 over the next 10 years will begin in June of 2018 and continue through June of 2027.  As a part of the agreement, $9 million is for the naming rights to the football and basketball facilities, and $1 million will be distributed to the university with the initial beneficiaries being the UNM Children's Hospital, the Anderson School of Management and Popejoy Hall.

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