The World’s Best Tequila (List)

Tequila is one of those things, you love it or you hate it. With Cinco de Mayo coming up, Mens Journal just released a list of the best Tequila .

Here you go....

Fortaleza ($60) – Made by Sauza, it’s a “lowlands” tequila made from agave that takes longer to ripen. Has a sweet, yet spicy flavor.

Casa Noble Joven ($53) – Joven was in limited production, and spent six-weeks in oak where a variety of different flavors were produced.

Siete Leguas ($50) – Agave hearts are crushed using sugar can shredders, and the end-result is a flavor that’s “wildly complex.”

Tequila Tapatio ($36) – Distinctive and full. Just recently available in the States, and worth the wait.

Herrardua ($39) – Introduced reposado to the world, and maintains its place of one of the world’s foremost producers of it.

Kah ($60) – Not just a cool-ass bottle. It’s 110-proof, but easy-drinking and smooth.

Don Julia 1942 ($160) – More like a cognac, with a passionate mix of fire and fruit.

Siembra Azul ($34) – The label gives every detail of the production. It’s only made in Winter, when the process is slower and the flavors are more diverse.

Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Silver ($60) – The fancy-schmancy bottle isn’t a disguise. What it contains is a treasure in itself.

Pueblo Viejo ($20) – Don’t let the price fool you. This is the best twenty bucks you’ll ever spend.

Gran Patron Platinum ($210) – Smooth to the end, but has finishes with a surprising spiciness. It’s expensive, so sip it slowly.

Source: MensJournal

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