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ALBUQUERQUE, NM—The City of Albuquerque rolled out their new Outdoor Dining Grant Funding Program Saturday morning. The new program has a total of $200,000 to help out restaurants, cafés and breweries within the city’s limits for expanding their outdoor space.

The owner of Garcia’s Kitchen on Central Ave., Dan Garcia, said he was able to set up outside his parking lot with a tent he bought from his brother’s business. So far, it’s making up 30% of the business. He hopes other business owners will apply for help from the city.

In order to apply, businesses must meet these requirements first:

  • Have a current business registration and a business license/permit with the City of Albuquerque.
  • Must be in good standing with the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department.
  • A City Temporary Outdoor Dining Area permit for type of outdoor dining space a business is applying for.

Mayor Tim Keller said the fines for registrations, inspections and permits are being waived.

City of Albuquerque rolls out new Outdoor Dining Grant Program for restaurants

The Manager for the Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency, Karen Iverson, said businesses could wait about two to three days for the land use permit. At least 30 people have applied for it.

Once those permits are granted, business owners can apply for the grants.

There are four types of set-ups businesses can apply for.

1. Sidewalk Dining

  • Receive a maximum of $2,500

2. Private Parking Lot Dining

  • Receive a maximum of $3,500

3. Street Right-of-Way Parklet (using parking spaces)

  • Receive a maximum of $5,000

4. Street Closures for Dining

  • Receive a maximum of $10,000
  • Recommended for several restaurants or with neighborhood approval.

Owners can use the money for chairs, construction, staff, PPE and more.

Iverson said the applicants will be entered into a lottery. The first one could start in 10 days. Businesses will have to fill in paperwork within three days of winning.

There will be extra entries available for businesses owned by minorities or women, operated in a recognized Metropolitan Redevelopment Area or New Mexico Main Street.

Reimbursements are an option for any applicants who spent money before winning.

Winners have to show proof of how the money was used 90 days after receiving it.

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