Joywave's Paul Brenner Found Scorpions In A Package Delivered To His Home!

When you order some things online, the last thing you'd expect to find in the box are scorpions!

Joywave's drummer Paul Brenner ordered a t-shirt and shoes from someone in Hawaii, and when he opened the package, there were nine scorpions inside with everything else. Eight were small ones and one was big, certainly not something that you'd ever see in upstate New York in Rochester.

Paul told WROC that he called the Rochester police, and when they came out, they were taking pictures and a few of the officers said that they'd never seen a scorpion before! Thankfully Paul, his roommate and his cat are all ok.

Here's the news story from WROC. And I fully expect Joywave to come out to "Wind of Change" or "Rock You Like A Hurricane" at their shows from now on.

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