Death Investigator Identifies Mysterious Skull Found In Plastic Bag

Skeleton remains of human looking to the side

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Famed death investigator Joseph Scott Morgan, featured on "Crime Stories with Nancy Grace", "The Piketon Massacre", and Court TV, has taken over iHeartRadio's true crime podcast niche with 'Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan.' This standout pod serves to explore "a world that not many have had a chance to visit, the realm of death."

Per the podcast summary, the host "leads listeners on a journey through the blood soaked death scenes of America and then into the autopsy room to fully understand the science behind each case," one episode at a time.

The latest episode of the series, "Skull Found in Plastic Bag in 1985 Identified; Victim Born in 1864" explores the story of partial remains found in a plastic bag near Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, California.

"Thinking the remains are from a recent victim, investigators work to solve what they think is a murder. Failing to identify the victim, the case goes cold. On this episode of Body Bags, Joseph Scott Morgan will explain how the scientists at Othram Labs developed a DNA extract from the evidence and were able to identify 'Ventura County Jane Doe' as the victim of a grave robbing that happened after her death in 1915. Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack will share the story of Gertrude Elliot-Littlehale, a woman born in 1864 and the amazing life she lived well before she became the unidentified 'cold case' of 'Ventura County Jane Doe."'

To hear the full story unfold, check out Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan on iHeartRadio now!

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