I Won A Prize

Please Note: There Is No In-Person Prize Pick-up Until Further Notice.

Upon winning your prize you will receive a "Prize Pick Up" Email from This Station within 24 hours after your prize win to the email address you provided when you won. If you do not receive your prize claim email within 24 hours...check your spam/junk folder then contact ryan@iheartmedia.com.

You will have 10 business days (after prize claim email is sent) to claim your prize>

When you receive your prize claim email follow these steps

1. Click the Link in the email
2. Confirm your information (You will need to provide your social security number)
3. Sign Your Winner release form
4. Sign Your W9 (if we don't have one on file)

After this is complete, Promotions will be notified and prize will be distributed. Most prizes will be mailed but could also be emailed or guest listed. This will vary from prize to prize, the On-Air personality will advise which method upon winning.

Should you have any questions, please call our business office at (505) 830-6400 to leave a message.

To repeat, no prizes will be distributed in-person.

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