Holly Holm Wins! Beats Bethe Correia! (Watch Video)

If you are thinking, wait how did I miss that fight I was still sleeping... You're probably right. UFC Fight night was shown in real time in Kallang, Singapore, so chances are you were still sleeping. End results are victorious for our girl Holly Holm, she's back!   Here is what happened round by round according to MMAFighting.com 

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Source: MMAFighting.com

Round 1: The referee for this main event bout is Marc Goddard. A lot of feints and feeling out to start the bout. Holm is the one controlling the center but no fighter has even connected 90 seconds into the bout. First real blow is a side kick to the body from Holm two minutes in. Still no real action. Correia and Holm both are looking to counter, leading to a mobile staring contest. Holm lands a left head kick that is partially deflected. Correia lands a left hook in a brief exchange. The round ends with Holm missing a head kick. Very little action and the crowd is restless. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Holm.

Round 2: More of the same to start the second. Holm is content to stand on the outside and land the occasional side kick, Correia unable or unwilling to step in and throw combinations. A minute in and a chorus of boos from the crowd erupts but two minutes in the cheer, seemingly trying to will some life into this dull affair. Correia catches Holm briefly with a right hand as she came in but is unable to land anything else. Marc Goddard stops the fighters and warns them for timidity saying “I respect the game plan but we’ve got to make something happen” and everyone should welcome that. After the action is resumed there is an increased tempo. Holm is starting to lead a bit more and lands a good leg kick. Correia punches her way into the clinch and gets a rear-waist lock up against the fence but the horn sounds to end the round and the fans boo. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Holm, 20-18 overall.

Round 3: Holm throws a solid body kick early and this is, at the least, the most interesting start to a round in this fight. Bethe is starting to dance and attempts to goad Holm. Holm throws a head kick and it lands flush! Correia drops and makes some sort of signal, perhaps to Goddard to tap, and Holm follows up with a left hand at finish the fight. Goddard makes the save and Holly Holm has knocked out Bethe Correia! To be clear, Holm’s follow up shot was in no way dirty. Correia’s motion was very unclear and could have been motioning that she was okay.

Official decision: Holly Holm knocks out Bethe Correia with a head kick at 1:09 of the third round.

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